Theft prevention tips

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 4:28 PM PDT
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Theft is a crime of opportunity and with the holidays approaching many want to make sure their homes, cars and other valuables are safe.

Local law enforcement says to make sure nothing of value can be seen through windows.

"People generally aren't going into a residence or a car not knowing what's inside right," Damon O'Connell, of the Sparks Police Department, says.

He says people need to get in the habit of always locking their homes and cars.

"A large proportion of individuals of car burglaries still leave vehicles unlocked so the first thing they can do is lock your vehicle and your home up," Washoe County Sheriff, Darin Balaam, says.

Officers say that leaving porch lights on at night can also serve as a deterrent. Landscaping is another way people can be creative in keeping thieves away from windows and other entry points.

"There are designs where you can put sticky bushes in front of your window to alleviate people from hopping in or motion censored lights where someone walks up and it activates the light," O'Connell says.

Balaam warns people not to post to any social network that they will be out of town or away from their home for a period of time.

"You've basically invited them saying hey no one is in my house come if you want to break in so if you're going to leave town for any amount of time wait and then share your pictures and what a great time you had," he says.

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