The year of the woman in Nevada

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - It’s a historic moment for women nationwide.

“In my career I’ve always been a minority as a female,” says Assemblywoman Robin Titus (R-District 38), but that may be about to change. At least 110 women will serve on Capitol Hill, up from 107 in the last Congress.

In Nevada, more women than men will be present at the state legislature.

“We would be the first female majority legislature in the United States, and last session, my freshman session, we were second in the nation for female representatives in the legislature. And I thought that was important and beneficial to the discussion 'cause it really enriches the discussion, brings in some perspectives that might not have been there as much in the past,” says Jill Tolles, Republican member of the Nevada Assembly representing District 25.

For elected candidates, diversity doesn't mean partisanship by gender, but a chance to come together as one.

“When we as legislatures, whether male or female, whatever you background on, when you try to find common ground and look at specific issues from across the board you can get some good things done,” says Tolles.

“If we work with someone, whether Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter what gender you are, but men and women are different. We do solve problems different, I think maybe communicate differently, so there might be some learning curve for both sides on how we are going to get things done.” says Titus.