The landmines of landscaping

Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 3:17 PM PDT
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A beautiful home in west Reno with beautiful landscaping.

But take a closer look and there are some problems.

An Aspen Tree needs to be removed.

A beautiful blue spruce is going to run into trouble the larger it gets.

Replace them and your landscaping looks uniform.

“They are trying to make it mature on day one,” says consulting arborist Dale Carlon. “That is not applicable or logical with regard to plants, because plants grow,” he says.

Carlon is a consulting arborist for Truckee Meadows Water Authority.

Each year, at this time, the calls to him increase.

Not because as a TMWA customer his services are free, but because homeowners start to notice cracks in their landscaping.

As he said, it may have started years ago when the home was first built.

While the home stayed the same size, the trees and bushes grew.

A common problem?

The irrigation system has not been moved from the trunk where it began.

The system must be moved to just inside the canopy as it matures.

Years ago, this blue spruce was planted next to an evergreen.

These days you see the beautiful spruce now too close to the home, and it now towers over the evergreen.

“You have to cut the backside of the tree,” says Carlon of the Blue Spruce. “The bigger it gets the more difficult that job get.”

He says pre-planning is the best. And keeping up with the needs of the tree comes second.

If you’d like his help, go to

Carlon suggests for those wanting to plant trees on their property go to Idlewild Park to see just how big the trees get at maturity.

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