The cost of Christmas: trees and decorations

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Christmas Day is weeks away. With little time left to decorate, people are picking up trees and decorations for the holiday season.

Reno Christmas Trees manager Matt Altemus says, "Get in early before they're gone."

Altemus says with the shortage this year, trees are going fast.

At Altemus' farm, trees will run about $65-$75 each and artificial trees are going for about $80, but that can increase depending on the size and whether the tree comes with lights. Keep in mind that an artificial tree will last for multiple years, while a real one only lasts one holiday season.

Another major cost of decorating is ornaments and lights and garland for the tree.

Manager at Forever Christmas in Virginia City Terry Butcher says, "This year everyone is just buying everything."

One-of-a-kind ornaments at his store cost about $20 each, or a pack from a department store will run you about the same.

"We have a bigger selection than we've ever had. You know usually around Christmas you start running out of stuff."