The Lucky Childe: A creative cafe for parents and kids

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Any parent knows, kids can find trouble anywhere they go.

Ellen Burcham experienced that moment first-hand when her five-year-old daughter knocked over a display at a local coffee shop.

"You take your eye off your kid for two seconds and they wreak havoc," she said. "It's often times humiliating."

In that moment, a new business idea was formed.

"There aren't a lot of coffee shops that are kid friendly," Burcham said. "They tend to be places where people go to study or work and they're quiet. And parents like coffee too. We want coffee. We need coffee."

That was the beginning of The Lucky Childe, a creative cafe for parents and kids to be themselves. Opened in June, the cafe has steadily grown in popularity.

"I just really love having a place where you can come and be unapologetic about having your kids with you," local mom Tilene Figeroa said. "It feels good being here. Just having a place where kids are welcome is huge."

That welcoming atmosphere is exactly what Burcham was looking for.

"Everyone just understands that children are children, and it's actually really beautiful, children are, and their chaos."

Not only are kids welcome, they are the center of everything that happens at The Lucky Childe. There is a story time almost every day geared to children five and younger. After story time, kids do a craft that is related to the book.

There are also plans in place to offer yoga and tummy time classes, and painting for older kids. But one thing you'll see that's a little different than other coffee shops, the use of electronics, or lack thereof.

"We're also really trying to promote interaction with parents or caregivers and children," Burcham said. "That's really important in creating memories you'll remember forever. It's really upsetting to me when I go to restaurants and see parents on their phones and children on their phones and no one is talking or interacting. So we are trying to bring back this interaction between children and adults."

Not only does this cafe give kids a creative outlets; parents can find a support network within these walls.

"Definitely parents need that," Figeroa said. "We need to be able to interact with people who are in the same time of life as we are so we can relate a little bit better."

For Shari Sharron, a new mom who just moved to the area, The Lucky Childe has helped her get established in the community.

"Especially being a new mom," she said. "This is my first child. She's 18 months, so not only having socialization for her, but for me with other moms who are going through similar things-it's been amazing."

For stay at home mom, Jessika Banks, this new cafe helps her get out and breaks up the day.

"It's huge, I feel like if I get out the door and she has been entertained before 10:30 I feel like I made it as a mom. I feel like I'm winning!"

"There's really no place like this in Reno," mother of two Niki Favors said. "Moms are just dying to have a place they can come with their kids and have it be nice and safe. And the fact that you can see your kids pretty much anywhere you are is great because it gives your kids a little bit of freedom and I get the freedom too to talk and relax."

She also said having the mess of craft time at The Lucky Childe, and not in her living room is extremely attractive to her. While there are several choices around town when it comes to entertaining and interacting with your child, Burcham said her goal is to make it enjoyable for parents as well.

"There are places that are difficult to go, but you take them there because it's for children," she said. "It shouldn't be painful to be a good parent."

While it has already been open for about six months, The Lucky Childe is hosting its grand opening this weekend. Kids can drink hot cocoa, do a Christmas craft, even meet Santa. That's Saturday from 1-5 P.M. They are located in the Monte Vista Village near West 4th Street and McCarran Boulevard.

A weekly schedule of events is posted online. For more information, click here.