Tesla: Stories on battery shortages, Gigafactory workers inaccurate

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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO)-- There are reports in technology media of a worldwide battery shortage caused by the Tesla Gigafactory east of Sparks having production problems.

The stories assert Tesla is having problems hiring workers for the Gigafactory because of the area’s remoteness and that Tesla’s reliance on alternative energy is preventing the factory operating at full efficiency.

Tesla, however, calls the reports erroneous. The battery packs described in the articles are different than the battery packs made at the Gigafactory, Tesla said, so there are no impacts on the batteries that go in and out of the factory. The technology company also said it has not had problems hiring workers. Also, the factory is only operating at 30 percent capacity, so the energy production has not been taxed, Tesla said.

Panasonic is a partner in the Gigafactory with Tesla. A Panasonic representative could not be reached for comment.

The website Engadget reported Tesla “hovered up” supplies to create batteries but in turn has not been producing new batteries to fill the void of the batteries it obtained.
“Sources have blamed Gigafactory's operational structure for the shortfall, claiming that its inaccessible location in the Nevada desert has resulted in a shortage of manpower, and that its reliance on renewable energy has caused production problems,” Engadget reported.
Tesla said it has request Engadget correct the article.
Engadget seems to have taken most of its information from a South Korean technology website called ETNews.