Teens and vaping: A near lethal drug deal in Carson City

Published: Jan. 27, 2020 at 7:07 PM PST
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The surprising details about a

was what was being dealt, and who was doing the shooting.

Two young men showed up at Carson Tahoe Hospital Saturday night; one with a gunshot wound to the abdomen, the other with what may have been a grazing wound to the forehead.

The investigation quickly revealed they had been shot in their car in a Carson City neighborhood.

The Carson City Sheriff's Office says they had gone there to sell marijuana-based vaping products and were met by four teens whose intent was not to buy, but to rob. The teens, ages 13 to 16, three boys and a girl, were armed with two stolen guns.

"This was what some might say a drug deal gone bad," says Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong. "Others might say it was a pre-set up rip-off. And in the midst of that, whether they had planned on shooting anyone that's what did happen."

As we all know vaping appeared a few years ago, marketed as a safer, healthier alternative to smoking. By the time its potential dangers were recognized, it had caught on with teenagers in a big way.

"I've spoken with so many kids--school age kids--who readily say yeah, they've seen kids getting high in the classroom," says Furlong.

And black marketeers are brewing new products with dangerous ingredients. All the elements for a new source of street crime.

All of this came together apparently in Carson City Saturday night with what could have been lethal results.

The investigation is continuing. The source of the vaping products is unknown.

Also undetermined, whether any of the teenagers will be tried as adults.

"It's sad that children as young as age 13 in this case, would engage in something that is likely to get someone harmed or even killed in order to get THC to vape," said Furlong. "How can you or I make sense of that?"

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