Tahoe officials place warning signs on trail for pet safety

INCLINE VILLAGE, NV (KOLO) - A growing concern from the Tahoe community has park officials taking measures to ensure your pets are safe. After concerns on social media of hot spots on the East Shore Trail officials have placed warning signs on the trail.

According to Park Supervisor Allen Wooldridge some dogs have burned their paws walking on the trail. He said the hottest spot on the trail is the 810 foot bridge. It’s made of steel and fiber glass.

Wooldridge said, “The bridge especially are in direct sunlight all day long, so the temperatures can get incredibly hot.”

A curious Tahoe resident Roland Schumann took matters into his own hands to also warn the community. After seeing concerns on social media, Schumann measured the heat index of the trail with a thermometer.

At one point Schumann’s thermometer read a whopping 171 degrees on one part of the trail. “It’s a wonderful path, it’s great for walking, great for bicycling, but for pets it’s not a good thing during the middle of the day.”

He continued, “The heat of the day, and that middle of the day really starts early in the morning in the summer time.”

Wooldridge said the park ordered three new plaques to place on the bridges and the beginning of the trail. He said, “New infrastructure it’s a learning process, so the heat of the bridges has been one thing.”

Dog walkers are thankful for the warning signs. Ed Blohme said, “I think it’s good to have the signs up, but my suggestion to anyone coming up here is come early or late.”

That’s exactly what Wooldridge advises. “Come early in the evening or late in the afternoon or the evening, bring plenty of water for your pets just because there is no water available in the trail.”

Wooldridge continued, “Use the back of your hand to feel the surfaces if you can’t hold your hand there for five seconds your dog is not going to want to walk across it.”

Wooldridge said the park is working with the deck’s manufacturers and coating companies to see if there is a coat the park could put over the bridge that wouldn’t make the surface as hot.

PetSmart said these are the warning signs if your dogs paws are burned.
1. They are licking or chewing their feet.
2. Limping or avoiding walking
3. Paw pads are darker in color than usual
4. Blister or redness
5. Pads are visibly damaged

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