Tahoe officials encouraging visitors to stay away

TAHOE, Nev. (KOLO) - A popular tourist destination is encouraging people to stay away. Take Care Tahoe is urging people to not visit Tahoe.

The group launched a social media campaign that includes light-hearted messages to raise awareness on COVID-19.

The campaign’s goal and message is to keep the Tahoe community healthy and to help stop the spread of the virus.

Amy Berry with Tahoe Fund works with the group to help spread the message.

Berry said if an outbreak occurred, it would be overwhelming
for Tahoe’s healthcare system.

She said, "You know we are a small mountain community, we're not set up to handle a big influx of tourists and visitors."

"You know if there is a big outbreak our small, but mighty healthcare system will be overwhelmed very quickly. So we do not want an influx of folks to come."

Berry said if people want to recreate to do it near their home and not in Tahoe. “If you are thinking about driving up to Tahoe, don’t right now."

She continued, "Just give it some time, these mountains, this beautiful lake, not going anywhere, when all of this passes the trails will be open for you.”

The group is encouraging people to share the campaign messages on social media.

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