Tahoe mural sends a strong message

Published: Oct. 25, 2019 at 4:52 PM PDT
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In South Lake Tahoe, residents and visitors alike may see brightly painted utility boxes around town which hope to bring some fancy to an already magical place.

They are courtesy of art students at South Lake Tahoe High School.

It would seem only logical then the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency or TRPA would tap into their talent to spruce up the boat inspection station at Meyers.

“Yea, I was interested immediately,” says Matt Kauffmann art teacher and muralist. “Anything to get youth plugged in by adding art to South Lake Tahoe I'm a proponent of yea,” he says.

Kauffmann says after going through some ideas and designs, he and four of his students decided upon the brightly colored mural which depicts the lake at sunset..

He says they started every evening late last summer and worked for five nights running.

The old drab trailer houses the decontamination heating compressor to clean out boats where quagga or zebra mussels are detected.

Of course not all boats inspected during the summer here face decontamination, but they still get the full inspection which takes time.

“And we thought we could combine, some fun, and some beautiful artwork and still get across out message which is clean, drain and dry,” says Chris Larson with the TRPA.

The mural paints an idealized version of Lake Tahoe.

Still some of the colors are true to life especially at dusk.

While the message is Clean, Drain, Dry....the students might as well be saying by doing so, you retain the lake's beauty for us, as well as our children to enjoy.

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