Tahoe beaches missing, here's what you can do instead

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INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. (KOLO) -- Perfect memorial weekend weather is headed our way, but the record wet winter will continue to have impacts on recreation. All the beaches at Lake Tahoe have shrunk as a result of the nearly full lake.

"Our beaches, that we have grown to love over the last five years, are now kinda MIA,” said Amy Berry, CEO of Tahoe Fund. "I think a lot of people have their favorite spot on a beach. They know exactly where they are going to put their towel, their cooler and their umbrella. And when they get out there, they realize that spot is in five feet of water, way off the shoreline.”

Going to Tahoe can still be fun if you consider other recreation options. Berry suggests getting out on the water, whether it be on boat, kayak or paddleboard.

"I think there is no better way to experience Lake Tahoe, than on Lake Tahoe… There is a ton of concessionaires around where you can rent for an hour or a day," said Berry.

Further away from the lake you can take a pedal on 35 miles of bike paths spread out across the basin.

"That's a really cool way to experience Tahoe. You know, not in your car but out enjoying the environment," said Berry.

You also might consider golf, disc golf or horseback riding, but one of the best options only requires a sturdy pair of shoes.

"The system as a whole is just close to about 200 miles," said Justine Lentz, who was speaking about the Tahoe Rim Trail.

The Tahoe Rim Tail is an expansive hiking path that wraps around the peaks of Lake Tahoe. South facing paths are melting out and ready for hikers, but other portions of the trail are still under snow.

"Specifically anything that is north facing, higher elevations, things above 8,000 feet are going to hang onto it a bit longer," said Lentz.