Tabnie takes to the sky

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The Stihl 55th National Championship Reno Air Races is a unique air racing and aviation experience. It’s a staple in our community, but for KOLO's 11PM anchor Tabnie Dozier, it’s her first year and she just could not keep her feet on the ground!

“Some people want to go up and just do sightseeing; for others a loop and a roll is good. For somebody like you, we want the full ride, you wanna feed your wild side, we'll find a way to do it, says Dell Coller.

Coller is Tabnie’s pilot and brings more than two decades of experience to the air races and loves the various terrains of Northern Nevada. Coller adds, “It's hilly one minute; the next minute it's a desert. It's a lot of interesting features in the landscape so a very fun place to fly."

The ride was less than half an hour. You must wear a parachute, but time really seems to stand still when you're flying close to the Sierra, admiring impeccable beauty. "Really the best part of it is sharing with other people like you and I did today. To go share a once in a lifetime experience is just very rewarding, says Coller.

Friday is Military Appreciation Day. All current and former active duty, reserve and National Guard will receive free admission to the reserved seating area. Their family members will receive a ten dollar discount.