TRPA app hopes to help boaters better navigate Tahoe

LAKE TAHOE, NV (KOLO) - Just past the shoreline here at Sand Harbor you can see there's a lot going on.

The new TRPA app for Lake Tahoe.

Kayakers, buoys, and other boats are all inside the no-wake zone.

Boaters have to go five miles an hour in this zone, 600 feet from shore.

“It is safety for a boat,” says Chris Larson with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. “Safety for folks that are swimming or paddling on the lake,” he says of the no-wake zone.

As a boater, when do you know you are out of the zone?

That's where the new Tahoe Boating App comes into play.

“You've seen over the last few years it is super busy out here,” says Amy Fisher, TRPA Geographic Information Systems Manager. “People swimming. People paddling and really we want to keep those people safe,” she says.

Fish says it took only a couple of months to come up with the Tahoe Boating App that could make everyone here on the water safer.

Boaters will know when they are out of the no-wake zone.

But they will also be able to locate other docks, public beaches, bathrooms or other amenities Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Points of interest are also available on the app.

“That's Mt. Tallac. I know if I go towards Mt. Tallac, I know I can get to the mouth of Emerald Bay,” says Larson as he shows pictures on the app.

That could be exactly what a new boater to the lake might say while using the Tahoe Boating App.

Distances between two points are also calibrated for boaters at just a touch of the screen.

If boaters run into trouble, the Coast Guard's number is always available.

But so are coordinates so they can locate the boat in distress.

This is the first app issued by the TRPA. They hope to have a thousand downloads by the end of the weekend.

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