TMFPD offers water safety tips

RENO, NV (KOLO) - As thousands of people flock to northern Nevada waters this summer it’s important to know your limits.

Captain Clint Hayes with the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District’s (TMFPD) water entry team said the department is no stranger to water rescue calls during this time of year. Captain Hayes said there are ways you can protect yourself.

He said, “I think people aren’t quite prepared, there is a tremendous amount of force even in six inches or twelve inches of water.”

Captain Hayes said communication is key even for an experienced swimmer. He said, “Let somebody know where you are getting in the water. Where you plan on getting out. What time you got out of the water.”

He continued, “What time you want to get out. Just so that somebody knows where and when to look for you if you do not show up.”

Captain Hayes said to always wear a personal flotation device, keep an eye out for each other, wear a helmet or body suit, and carry a distress whistle and throw bag.

Swimmers on the Truckee River said they do not underestimate Mother Nature.

Frank Hernandez said, “We have tremendous respect for the water I think seeing the rapids and stuff like that we all let each other know.”

Gunnar Ohlson said, “I was just sitting in the water and I definitely felt more currents underneath than I did on top.”

Mother of two, Ashley Snider said, “I kind of just keep an eye out for them. I tell them to stay where it’s shallow and tell the both of them to watch out for each other.”

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