Swope Pyramid renovation complete

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) After more than three years of fundraising to save and renovate the Swope Pyramid, that goal is now a reality.

"If you really put your mind to something you can get it done and everyone came out so the kids and families can enjoy it go years to come," Cindy Watland, president of the Save the Pyramid Committee, says.

Watland spearheaded the movement to raise $1.2 million for the renovation.

"I'm just relieved we got it done," she says. The 1,600 seats of the structure have held generations of families.

Tony Miceli is the president of the Reno National Little League and says the structure is a symbol of a legacy being carried on in the community.

"I've watched families that have played here as a kid and they're now able to coach their kids playing here too," he says.

The structure was slated to be torn down because it was falling apart.

"To be able to come through and save it like it was originally built in 1969 means the world to us here," Miceli says.