Swan Lake residents still dealing with flood effects

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LEMMON VALLEY, Nev. (KOLO) Months after Swan Lake flooded, residents are still cleaning up and dealing with the aftermath. Ray Pompe has lived next to the lake since 1970 and said almost two acres of his property is still underwater. He said he's been working for months to clear the debris that washed up on his property.

"Got about 60 bales ready to go to the garbage," Pompe said. "I don't know what I;m going to do with that stuff."

A couple houses down, Yuliana Aguilar and her family still have sandbags stacked to protect their home. She said the city brought them last year, but she said she is worried about the upcoming winter weather.

"We are a little more prepared because we weren't expecting it but now we are," Aguilar said.

Pompe and Aguilar both have animals such as horses, sheep and chickens. They said they want to make sure they're safe this time around.

"Hopefully I'll be moving them out of here so they'll be okay," Pompe said. He has been moving trailers and supplies to the other side of his property to get them out of harm's way.

"If it gets as bad as last year, I just don't know," Aguilar said.

The Reno City Council will vote on a new Master Plan which would affect how the city handles flood management.