Swan Lake flooding concerns return

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The snow melt off Peavine caused a lot of problems in 2017, but Washoe County says it is prepared to handle whatever amount of snow is up there this year.

"Right now the concern isn't necessarily about the homes flooding but about the safety of Lemmon Drive itself," Dave Solaro, Assistant Washoe County Manager, says.

The big concern this year is that the county doesn't know exactly how much snow is up there.

"Last year we didn't have any of that information but this year the protections are in place," he says.

Many residents in Lemmon Valley are nervous about the upcoming storms in the forecast and the snow up top.

"It's gonna come down here, plus all the houses and buildings they're building out on Military Road; all that is going to come into the lake here," Rick Davis, a Lemmon Drive resident, says.

The county says Swan Lake is down three feet from last year because of evaporation.

"We've been monitoring that on a weekly basis to make sure that the water isn't coming up and we've got all the neighborhoods dry and they've been dry going on eight months now," Solaro says.

Electric pumps have replaced the diesel pumps for efficiency, but regardless of the upgrade, the Davis family says it's not enough.

"I think they need to make a larger area for all of this water to go; the barriers can't be up there forever. And plus it's unsightly, we had a nice looking view before and now it's ugly looking out there," the Davises say.

One more potential problem is the integrity of the road, specifically the cracks in the pavement. Solaro says the road is inspected each week and has passed. There is a chance it could be close with the coming storms.

"If the water gets up to a point where we don't feel it's safe to have that portion of Lemmon Drive open, we will shut it and that's mostly because of the water encroaching the road; it's not safe for driving," Solaro says.