Summer repair work being done at several Reno schools

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Most kids might be on summer break in Washoe County, and construction crews remain hard at work, with three of Reno’s oldest schools having different issues addressed.

The first change comes at Echo Loder Elementary School in central Reno. An extra classroom comes where the old boiler room used to be; due to technological advances, it's no longer needed. The problem is it’s sunk into the ground, which is why gravel is being added to boost the floor, so the room can be made into a classroom.

“Boiler rooms in a lot of these older schools were sunken so the roof line could be at the same level with the equipment in there,” District facilities management officer Joe Gabica explained.

Over at Reno High, a similar change, with the removal of an outdated fuel oil tank, which has to be dug up.

“We’re trying to get those out of the ground to meet the requirements of NDEP and it’s just good to get those old tanks out of the ground,” Gabica says.

At Hug High School, the boys’ locker room has needed work for a long time, and now is finally going to get it.

“At Hug the athletic lockers are in poor shape per the facility condition index system,” said Gabica, "through which that was identified as one of the top needs in the district.”

School district officials also say asbestos abatement is still taking place at some elementary schools.