Summer is coming; parents need to protect children from the internet

National Internet Safety Month. Washoe County Sheriff's Office graphic.
National Internet Safety Month. Washoe County Sheriff's Office graphic.(KOLO)
Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 8:33 PM PDT
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The Northern Nevada Cyber Center Internet Crimes Against Children Unit has released tips on how to protect children from cyber intrusions that are more common, more dangerous and more sophisticated.

June is National Internet Safety Month. Children will have more time to spend online and texting this summer.

“Adults need to stay involved in the digital world, know the apps kids are using, use parental controls where possible, and block and report individuals who may try to exploit them,” Sgt. James Cox of the sheriff’s Cyber Crimes/ Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Unit said in a statement.

To report a crime, go here.

To learn more about children and internet safety, go here.

Cybersafety tips for children & teens:

  • If they’re not your friends in person they’re not friends on social media. The number of

  • followers, friends etc. you have does not determine your coolness, it determines your likelihood of being a victim.

  • If you wouldn’t show the photo to your family or your classmates, don’t email, text or post it.

  • Do not give out personal details such as address or school information.

  • Turn off your webcam after using it so it cannot be hacked.

Cybersafety tips for parents:

  • If an application like a calculator is taking up 1GB of storage’s NOT just a calculator.

  • Know their passwords, monitor social media, don’t let them have their phones in their room when they go to bed, make it so app purchases go through the parents' account and must be approved by the parent.

  • Discuss the dangers of the internet and social media with your child and set ground rules to follow.

  • Charging station outside of child’s room

  • Password list in a public location

  • Parental Password on phone to prevent downloading apps

  • Privacy settings on apps: Snapchat - Turn off snap maps, Twitter – Turn off direct messaging (DM), Facebook – (three lines) settings & privacy, privacy shortcuts. Go to http// for a more detailed list.

  • Most Important—Follow your kids on social media and communicate with them about any issues you have.



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