Nevada students march for school choice

Published: Jan. 22, 2019 at 4:45 PM PST
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To educate families about the different types of schools out there, kids from four schools marched to the state capitol Tuesday morning with one message: “Say that we like having a choice, that we like to do our type of school,” says student Leila Gorton. One size doesn't fit all is the message.

Even though there are school options available in the state of Nevada, teachers and parents still face limitations.

“Right now the laws are really written for the traditional public school setting, and we need laws that help support us and our school so we can help support the needs of all the kids in the state of Nevada,” says English teacher Victoria Neer.

For many parents, different students need different methods. “We tried three different types of schooling, we tried traditional home school, and we've done private schooling, and when we tried Nevada Connections Academy we just fell in love,” says Rebecca Gorton, a parent.

Supporters of traditional schools argue that education choice can divert money away from the regular brick and mortar schools. With recent questions about the future of school choice, for many teachers and families, the hope is that the movement continues to expand.

“That regardless of who's in office they are going to be open and willing to listen to the different types of options that are out there, and that we can educate them on what we do and all the great things that we’ve accomplished with school choice,” says Neer.