Students getting by after UNR explosion

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RENO, NV (KOLO) - The University of Nevada Reno says Argenta Hall could be unlivable for up two years in the wake of last week's explosion, while Nye Hall, which did not sustain as much damage, may be used sooner.

The university is working to develop a housing plan that will help accommodate the more than 1,300 students who were supposed to live in one those halls.

We spoke with students who lived in Argenta Hall. Students told us they were moved to Peavine Hall last week.

According to students, they've been given basic necessities and eating for free at the Overlook the last couple days.

Omar Carillo said, "They provided basic things. Our things haven't been out yet, they managed to get my laptop out, so there is a website and they ask the five things that you want."

Students said the university has accommodated quickly, but it's still a work in progress. They were given some of their important belongings, but are hopeful they will obtain their other belongings soon.

Peter Ramsdale said, "I think right now they are in the process of removing all the items from the rooms, so soon hopefully I will be able to get all my stuff back."

The university said it will be an ongoing process reunifying belongings with students, and it is reaching out to community partners to look at possible leasing agreements to help with rooming needs.

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