'Storm Area 51" creator announces alien-themed music festival

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RACHEL, Nev. (KOLO) - There isn’t much around state route 375 that would ever lead you to believe that two million people would ever show up there, but on September 20th, two million people say that’s exactly what they will be doing.

“We’re gonna have an event here,” said Linda Looney of the Alien Research Center located on State Route 375. “We are gonna have music. RV spaces. We will have a lot going on here.”

The whole idea is to have enough people show up to Area 51, that they couldn't all be stopped. Then, they would find out the answer to the long discussed question – what is actually inside?

It’s a Facebook post that became known all over the world, even people in Australia know about storm area 51.

“People like to create controversy over anything and everything,” said Richard Albanese of Melbourne. “But I don’t think they are going to get too far, if they try and get near Area 51 I think your defense force Is going to have something to say about that.”

It all started as a joke, something creator Matty Robbins admits to, but with 2 million people saying they are going and another million and a half saying they are interested, it’s clear it will be a busy day in the small town of Rachel, Nevada.

The event's website says a 3 day music festival called “Alienstock” will be held there.

Lincoln county commissioners accepted a plan to host the 5,000 person music festival, and the Little Ale’Inn will let up to 10,000 people camp on their property.

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