Still waiting for a key to a mail box? We may have the answer

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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) - Mike Emery's mailbox is just down the street from his Spanish Springs home, but there's little reason for him to make this trip today.

He changed addresses the first of August and was assigned a box in his neighborhood, a box he can't open. He is still waiting for a key.

"And here it is September 12th and we still do not have the key because I'm told by the friendly folks at the Post Office it's a contract job for the Post Office and they only have one person for all of Sparks."

In the meantime his mail is being held at the Post Office on Vista Boulevard. That's a five and a half mile drive. It's an inconvenience, but then he's lucky. He's retired. It might be different for someone whose work schedule makes it difficult to get there in time.

And there's reason to believe there are others.

"I go to pick up my mail twice a week and I've often been told by other people in line they're in the same spot."

He's set up for informed delivery, a good idea and a great service offered by the Postal Service. His mail is scanned every day before it's dispatched and he receives those images in an email. It's an anti-theft measure that lets you know if anything is missing. So far, he's seems to have been getting most, but not all of his mail.

"For instance my wife's DMV renewal. We have the picture. We never received the card."

That's interesting.

"Yeah, that could be troublesome."

Are those missing pieces lost, misplaced, stolen or are they in there in that box that he can't unlock? He just doesn't know.

A late update and some good news:

We made some calls to the Postal Service. They took his information and promised to expedite a key. Four hours later that happened.

A Postal Service spokesman explained what had happened. It seems the person responsible for issuing the work orders for the keys retired. In the transition, the backlog grew. We're told that's being corrected with those waiting longest getting first priority.

Problem solved because one viewer got in touch.

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