State grant helps feed seniors impacted by COVID 19

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Workers are helping load bags with food for seniors and those with disabilities in our area.

The food bags are delivered once a month to Northern Nevada communities where residents have signed up for the Access to Healthcare Program.

Consider what 83-year-old Febe Alberino-Caro lives on once a month, and you understand why she says she doesn't know what she would do without the additional food. “My food stamps is only $42. Of course, if I want to buy some other food, $42 is not enough.” she says of the monthly check. Febe says she appreciates the fresh fruit that she shares with others living in subsidized housing here in Reno.

Stories like Febe's are all too common for Evelyn Rodriguez.

As program manager and senior ambassador with Access to Healthcare, she helps connect clients to the services they need.

And these days she says those in need have additional stress.

“Scared of the unknown, you know,” says Rodriguez. “Knowing that it is dangerous for them to go to the store, leave their homes. So, a lot of those calls. A little desperation at times.”

Now with a $48,000 grant from the state, Evelyn says she can help even more seniors and those with disabilities with food delivered to their homes. The grant should help about 1,000 residents in need and will last until September. Deliveries are made daily.

If you need help and would like more information call Access to Healthcare at 877-385-2345.

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