Stardust Apartments tenants facing eviction learn of options

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- It has been two weeks since the residents of Stardust Apartments received an eviction notice to be gone by December 1.

"I totally understand the frustration, guys, I totally get it, but I am here to help," said a city of Reno employee.

That was the message the city of Reno and the non-profit organization Volunteers of America wanted to spread throughout the complex.

"I feel like there might be a little bit of hope," said Marie Miley, Stardust Apartments resident.

Miley has lived at the complex since May.

"It's a start, so I have to give them that. I know they are trying and they don't have to do anything because there are so many of us out there," said Miley.

The city and the non-profit gave residents a list of potential places that would be affordable. A city employee also told them about a deposit assistance program, in which the city makes a one-time deposit payment for low-income apartments.

"It's getting hard to find a place, first of all. For them coming out here and for them to help us find place and help us with a down deposit, I feel grateful," said Joseph Ibarra, Stardust Apartments resident.

For the two parties, there was a big reason they needed to get this information out immediately.

"I don't want to see any of them become shelter clients," said Pat Cashell, regional director, Volunteers of America Northern Nevada.

Cashell says the complex has been run down. The roof hasn't been replaced in 50 years, it's full of bed bugs and the sewer and the plumbing system is bad.

"The prior owner should be ashamed of themselves that they have allowed this to go on. If you are not going to take care of your property and you are going to collect rent and allow people to live this way, sell your apartments, get rid of them. Let someone like the new owners here and fix them up and make them safe and affordable," said Cashell.

Miley understands the concerns, but she also know options for her family are limited.

"It's not like a palace and it's not like a really nice fancy apartment, but it met our needs," said Miley.