Carson City Sheriff's Office identifies man killed in Saturday standoff

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CARSON CITY, NV (KOLO) - Update: Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong has identified the man killed in a hostage standoff on Saturday, August 3rd.

Cortney Ronald Staley, Photo Courtesy Carson City Sheriffs Department

Cortney Ronald Staley, 32, had been holding his biological child hostage during the standoff.

Sheriff Furlong says Staley was killed in an exchange of gunfire with Carson City SWAT deputies.

Sheriff Furlong also says Staley had an extensive criminal history and was in the pre-sentencing process after pleading guilty on July 12, 2019 to Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Original Story: After a lengthy standoff with Carson City deputies, the suspect involved in hostage situation has been killed.

The situation began around 4 p.m. on Saturday, August 3, 2019 when a man barricaded himself in a home on N. Edmonds Drive with a baby as a hostage.

Ten minutes before 9 p.m., Sheriff Kenny Furlong says the man's behavior changed and he was making threats towards the infant. Deputies felt the child was in danger and the special weapons and tactics team shot and killed him.

Sheriff Furlong says initially it started out as a domestic dispute. The man, who Furlong says is an ex-husband, went into the home and caused the dispute. Furlong says in the early part of the standoff, the mother of the infant and two other children came out of the home safe.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will be taking over the investigation.

North Edmonds Drive between Brown Street and Fairview Drive was closed during the investigation, but has reopened.

Some nearby homes were evacuated as well.

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The scene of a standoff on Edmonds Drive in Carson City. Photo by Gurajpal Sangha/KOLO.