Sparks welcomes new eco-friendly car wash

SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) -- Surf Thru Express Car Wash has opened its first car wash in Sparks, the third location in Northern Nevada joining Reno and Carson City.

Surf Thru Express is a WaterSavers facility and claims to be an industry leader in recycling and reclaiming water. The location at 2050 Pyramid Way is also powered by solar panels, designed to make this car wash more friendly for the environment.

"I think nowadays in the car wash industry those things are sort of necessary," Wyatt Hutchings, Manager at the Sparks Surf Thru Express, says. "Power is a little bit more expensive, water costs a lot, and we're in the desert so obviously we have to try to conserve water."

The California-based company has three types of car washes, and claims to use less water than a home washing machine. Another focus for Surf Thru Express is the customer service experience.

"I've been to a lot of the car washes around here and this is probably one of the best," Renia, a Palomino Valley resident, says.

Employees say winter is typically the busiest time of year for car washes, with the Reno and Carson City locations exceeding this year's count already. They say getting your car washed before a storm is just as important for your vehicle as after.

"If your car has sand and salt on it and then it snows on top of that, as it slides or as it melts it's going to drag all that sand and dirt with it, so it's actually important to wash your car before it snows and after," Hutchings says.

The new business is bringing more jobs to the area. In total, all three locations will employee approximately 45 people. Surf Thru Express operates 18 car washes in California, Nevada, Texas and Arizona.