Sparks man still fighting toll road charges

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 5:58 PM PST
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“You are responsible for this ticket,” says

of the message he received from customer service. “It is your car. You’re responsible for it and there is nothing you can do about it. You might as well pay it,” the customer service representative told James.

It wasn’t a very encouraging response for the Sparks resident.

A Riverlink spokesperson advised James to call the customer service number to clear up a toll charge he was sent by the Kentucky-Indiana toll road agency.

The incident allegedly happened on July 3, 2019.

The problem is James hasn't left Nevada in years because of his wife’s health.

And the car pictured is not his white Lincoln Town Car.

“This is not it,” James says of the Prius pictured on the citation. He says the service representative agreed. "She says 'that is not the car. This is the license plate for that car,'” he says as he shows us the license number on the citation. “She says the Elvis license plate was on the white Lincoln right behind that one."

Yet there is no picture of the “Elvis” license plate, nor Mensinger’s white Lincoln Town Car.

This isn't his first toll road notification.

Over the years, he's received dozens and dozens of them from other parts of the country.

He believes his “Elvis” license plates are culprit.

There are novelty plates drivers place on the front of their cars--which is exactly where toll road pictures are taken.

This case out of Riverlink though is different.

That's because this agency has threatened to turn him in to collections for nearly $69.

That’s more than eight times the initial fine. The invoice due date is December 15, 2019.

A look into Riverlink shows James is not the only person to complain of the treatment received from customer service.

Two years ago, the Kentucky Attorney General’s office received 120 complaints.

That’s according to the FOX Affiliate in Louisville.

The attorney general at the time, now governor, Andy Beshear provided more than 200 pages of complaints.

The experiences are similar to those of James Mensinger’s.

We’ve contact Nevada U.S Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s office to see if anyone there can help Mensinger.

They are currently on the case.

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