Sparks family seeks help after medical supplies stolen from driveway

SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) The Smith family says their son's medical cart was stolen from their driveway while they were getting ready for school on August 20.

"I sat the cart down ran back in to grab him I saw the bus was coming, we both walked out the bus driver said where's the cart? I said what do you mean?" Honey Smith says. Smith is mother to Jonathan who has special needs and requires the cart and its supplies to be able to attend school.

Smith says Jonathan was unable to attend school that day without the cart. She says he was devastated and couldn't understand why someone would take his medicine.

Luckily, with support from the community and neighbors, they were able to replace some of the items.

"They were able to replace the nebulizer machine and the suction machine and the oxygen," she says.

The family has filed a police report with the Sparks Police Department.

Smith says they just want the items and the cart returned.

"I'm hoping that once they realize it they'll take it to Sparks PD and say they found it or whatever they want to say we just want it back we're not there to say anything or yell at them or holler at them or say look what you did we just need the medical supplies back," she says.

The cart can be returned to the Sparks Police Department no questions asked.