Funds donated to help build inclusive playground at Sparks Marina

Published: Oct. 14, 2019 at 3:31 PM PDT
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A second inclusive park is coming to the city of Sparks.

The Rotary Club of Sparks is donating $80,000 to the city to help build an inclusive park at the Sparks Marina.

The Rotary Club presented the check donation at the Sparks city council meeting Monday, October 14, 2019.

Don Welsh is from the Sparks Rotary Club. He said the park would create an accessible playground allowing children with disabilities to enjoy the playground equipment and feel more comfortable.

"We know this is a very family orientated community and so this would fit best for all the children," said Welsh. "It's inclusive meaning anybody can be included."

Pah Rah was the first inclusive park installed in Sparks back in 2012.

Welsh said the need for more inclusive parks is growing.

"Pah Rah is the heaviest used park in Washoe County. So of all the parks it get's the highest use, but there's always room for inclusive playgrounds and equipment for kids with special needs or other," added Welsh. "Now all these kids can play with other kids and it's just wonderful."

With an $80,000 contribution, this is the largest donation the club has ever provided.

"We're just really fortunate that we had the funds and we have the club that's willing to do it and they saw the vision and here we are," said Welsh.

The total cost is estimated at $750,000.

The city of Sparks hopes to have the park ready to go within this fiscal year.

"We believe all the work has been done with regards to the budgeting and we're getting the planning and engineering completed so we should start construction next spring," said Welsh.

The Sparks Rotary club is still looking for donations.

If you would like to help you can contact the Spark rotary club or Sparks City Parks and Recreation.

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