South Carson streets project to kick off in late 2019

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - After just finishing Curry Street in Carson City, more development comes to the area. This time, the development on South Carson Street, among other things, will add street lights, improve the pavement, and narrow travel lanes, adding a 12-foot multi-use path.

“We are trying to keep the momentum from what we’ve done downtown, we had this group of corridor projects lined up. We completed downtown Curry Street this fall and downtown Carson the year before that, so we are kind of extending those improvements to the south,” says Dan Stucky, City Engineer.

The development should start in late 2019. The 17-million-dollar project is expected to start in late 2019 and last for a year and a half.

Street improvements means good news for nearby business owners. “I love the fact that we are getting new curbs, sidewalks; it's really going to improve the corridor here, it’s going to be nice for pedestrians, safer for pedestrians as well,” says Jeffery Rice, General Manager at Tile Outlet.

Locals they say growth is always welcome.

“I think it would be good to have that on this end of town; we have a lot of empty business and I think it would improve things for the economy overall,” says driver Carol Reichold.

City officials say during construction one lane should remain open and the development won’t affect business owners and people in the area.