Could this be the beginning of a miracle March?

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) We finally had a big snowstorm, but what did it really mean for this year's snowpack and summer water supplies?

"Anytime you have a big storm that starts right on March first, yeah, you're setting yourself up to a potential miracle March" said Jeff Anderson, hydrologist for NRCS Nevada.

March 5, 2018, a snow survey at Mt. Rose showed we would need a lot more snow to reach an average snowpack. The survey uses aluminum tubes thrust into the snow, giving depth and weighed to determine water content. The demonstration was delayed this month in light of the recent snowstorm. The first to fourth snowstorm of 2018 added two to 5.5 inches of water to the snowpack.

On the Truckee river, where there's a significant amount of storage, the snowpack increased to 54%.

"However if you are on the creeks or the Carson River, for example, they don't have a significant storage, so they are reliant on the amount of snow that is on the mountain right now," said Chad Blanchard, Federal Water Master for the Carson-Truckee Rivers.

Jeff Anderson said that for a real miracle march, we would need a lot more snow.