Snapchat school threat hoax investigated

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- Sue Sadler says her grandson went to school at Damonte Ranch High November 15, 2017, not knowing something was wrong.

"He had obviously no idea what they were talking about, didn't know about the picture,” said Sue Sadler.

It's a Snapchat photo that caused some students to skip school. It shows Sue’s grandson holding a gun with a caption 'Don't come to school tomorrow.'

"Devastated. The photo is so realistic from a standpoint of a threat. It just took my breath away," said Sadler.

School police spoke with her grandson for about three hours and later discovered that another Damonte Ranch student took that photo and then altered it to add a gun and sent the snap to a group called ‘White Privileged School.’

The Washoe County School District isn't saying what punishment was handed down, but Sadler says the student was suspended for three days.

"We have certainly noticed that it wasn't taken seriously by the student who did it," said Sadler.

She says this is because the student snapped a photo with the caption 'No school for the next three days.’

This latest incident highlights an ever-growing list of threats on social media. There was one just a few days ago and the school sent out an email to parents saying ‘school police acted quickly with this information and have determined that no threat exists.’

After going through this incident, Sadler says parents have to be proactive.

"As grandparents and parents as that, we have to be actively involved in what our kids are doing online. That means every day, that is not just checking their phones once in a while, but making sure you understand what it is they are posting. If they are doing something, take it extremely seriously because it does impact that lives of others," said Sadler.