Sky Tavern anxiously awaits snow

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Sky Tavern is ready to start teaching kids to ski and snowboard, but the lack of snow is delaying the opening date for 2018. Executive Director Bill Henderson says they're going to open right after it snows.

"It's the one thing that I worry about the most and the one thing I can't do anything about right now," Henderson says.

Henderson says they are in the process of fundraising for snow-making machines.

"That wouldn't have helped anyways because it's been so warm lately," he says. Henderson says although there is a delay right now, they always open and they plan on opening as soon as possible. Dylan Brown has been part of the Junior Ski School at Sky Tavern for the past three years and says he is excited for when the snow does hit the ground.

"It's just a blast up here," Dylan says. "I'm at a loss for words when I talk about it. It's just so amazing up here."

The Junior Ski School serves about 2,000 kids each year and they say that this year should be no different.

"It always happens," Henderson says. "We always get the Junior Ski Program going."