Sisolak takes office as state's 30th governor

Published: Jan. 7, 2019 at 6:49 PM PST
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As inaugural ceremonies go, Monday's ceremonies in Carson City may have looked like many from the past. The weather, January-gray and cool if not cold, an audience of friends, supporters and the general public.

There were some differences, though. Those gathered there reflected the increased diversity of our state and the choices we've been making, including the first-ever

and Legislature.

wasn't the first to include some obvious personal emotion, but nothing quite like his retelling of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

"I'll never forget getting the call from Sheriff Lombardo — I immediately drove down to the site. Across the field, you could hear dozens of cell phones ringing. Calls from loved ones, hoping, praying, someone would pick up."

He has indicated he will press for background checks, already approved by Nevada voters, but not implemented, and a ban on bump stocks, the device used by the shooter to make his semi-automatic rifle fire fully automatic.

He has also signaled Nevada will join other states in the fight to retain the Affordable Care Act's protection for those with pre-existing conditions.

And education will be a priority.

"First things first: we’ve got to get our education system back on track — because we know that’s the bedrock of a thriving economy... and the pathway to a better life for our families."

So now we have a broad outline of what the Sisolak administration will prioritize and propose. We'll get more detail in the State of the State Address. That's on the 16th.