Sinkhole forming on Kingsbury Grade

Published: Dec. 30, 2016 at 5:27 PM PST
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Motorists on State Route 207, Kingsbury Grade, may scarcely notice the slight depression around mile marker 4.3, but it's got the attention of state transportation officials.

It doesn't look like much and the sign alerting drivers to a bump only hints at the trouble lurking below, but this is a sinkhole in the making.

There's a culvert under the roadway here and drainage around it or a leak is apparently causing it to collapse and that's making the roadway sink.

NDOT says at the moment it presents no danger, but these things can grow at unpredictable rates, so they are monitoring it several times a day and they're making plans for repairs.

"Public safety is our very top priority," says NDOT spokesperson Meg Ragonese. "So we're continually monitoring this for the safety of the traveling public and we do have an emergency contract that we're finalizing right now to enact emergency repairs in the next few weeks to repair this drainage pipe."

That work will mean at some point the road will be temporarily closed to traffic between Carson Valley and the lake.

That will mean some long detours for those who frequently use this road.

NDOT promises ample notice once repairs are scheduled and that the work will be done as quickly as possible.