Silver State Sights: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign

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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (KOLO) Located on las Vegas Boulevard just south of the strip, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign has become a logo for the city, and as a result, is now a must see tourist attraction.

Many consider the sign to be the official southern end of the strip

“How often do you see neon signs anymore?” asked Caleb Pierce of Canada. “It’s like a time capsule, they represent the past. A big part of Vegas for sure.”

The sign has been up since 1959, and was designed by local artist Betty Willis. The city around it has changed, but the sign has remained a fixture, though some improvements have been necessary.

Before 2008 it could be dangerous to get to it. Back then you had to run across traffic just to try and get a picture there. Now, a parking lot is located in the middle of the street to accommodate the constant flow of visitors.

The city of Las Vegas averages over 40 million visitors per year, and it’s clear that a good chunk of those make a point to go to the sign.

“It’s Las Vegas in a nut shell,” said Jessie Bellamy, visiting from Canada. “When they think of Las Vegas they think of the old and the new, it’s like everything in one.”

The sign landed on the national register of historic places back in 2009.

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