Silver State Sights: The Wheel of Misfortune

Published: May. 20, 2019 at 3:46 PM PDT
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When tourists visit Las Vegas once a year, The Wheel of Misfortune is probably not on their list of places to see.

“Not very popular, as you can see, so it’s something to kind of discover,” says Las Vegas local Jodell Lepley, who visited the site recently.

According to Las Vegas blog

, it was painted in 2012 when a graffiti artist named “Aware” made the trip there with plenty of spray-paint, and created what has become an out-of-the-way art exhibit.

“I’m glad there is a venue for this, and it’s not all over in public places,” Lepley added.

The wheel is primarily composed of "bankrupt" and $0 slots.

Vital Vegas also says the wheel was painted at an abandoned mining site inside one of several abandoned “thickener” pits at a mine that operated from 1917 to 1961.

If you were just driving by and stopped at the Laker Plaza convenience store, you might wonder if a place like that would have a section of parking spaces where you have to pay to park. That's because the wheel is technically located on private property, but all you have to do is pay that $5, and make the two-minute walk behind the fence to check it out.

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