Silver State Sights: The Republic of Molossia

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DAYTON, Nev. (KOLO) - You might not expect to see the flag of another nation flying just off highway 50, but in the Dayton area, you will.

“It’s what's called a micronation; they have everything that creates a nation," said Bethany Drysdale of Travel Nevada. "Currency, customs, a railroad, post office. And a president of course - President Kevin Baugh.”

He might dress more like a dictator than a president, but Kevin Baugh helped launch the micronation decades ago.

“My friend James and I, we saw a movie called ‘The Mouse that roared,’” said Baugh. “We were inspired to start our own country. He moved on to other things and I decided I was going to stay with it.”

When Baugh bought property in Storey County just outside of Dayton, he decided to transform it in to the micronation. Since then, tourists have consistently made a point to visit.

Micronations aren’t officially acknowledged by actual nations, but Baugh says a lot of them aren’t even actual places, which is why his has been a success.

“We actually flew from San Francisco when we learned it was going to be open this weekend,” said Hala Jelwan. “We woke up at 6 a.m. to make it on time so we weren’t late to meet the president.”

One thing that can’t be denied, is that Baugh has fun with the whole thing.

He says Molossia doesn’t have a gold or silver standard – but rather a cookie dough standard.

“A few years ago we had Jack Black visit us, and his entourage brought us a tube of cookie dough,” said Baugh. “We were awash in that stuff for weeks!”

First Lady Adrianne Baugh says a lot of people plan their vacations around going to Molossia, which is important because if you want to see it, you need to go on a tour day.

For tour information, click here.

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