Silver State Sights: Big Dune

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AMARGOSA VALLEY, NV (KOLO) Located off Valley View Road in Amargosa valley,
Big Dune is a popular, and 100% natural tourist attraction.

“All of our friends come out we get together, go out and find new trails, come back and have lunch and then do it all over again,” said ATV rider James Perry.

Perry and other atv riders call big dune one of the best places in the area to ride.

“It’s like a roller coaster, you are just hauling butt coming down,” Perry explained.

Managed by the bureau of land management, the big dunes cover five square miles and reach as high as 500 feet, allowing plenty of room for error for riders.

“It will give a little in some places,” said Perry. “But it’s the last moment where it doesn’t give when it bites you!”

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