Silver State Sights: Tonopah Mining Park

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TONOPAH, Nev. (KOLO) The town of Tonopah was once the second largest city in Nevada behind Reno – and the reason, was mining.

That history is something still on display each day, at the Tonopah mining park. “Here it’s different than a regular museum because the majority of our artifacts – this is where they were at,” said Tonopah’s tourism and events coordinator Shari Bombard. “Here, the whole place is the museum.”

The park is 113 acres, and is connected to more than 200 miles worth of tunnels underneath the town.

Gold was once mined there, but silver was the main focus.

“It was really silver,” Bombard said. “There was gold, the higher up the mountain you got but it was really silver.”

After the ore that was mined, was taken in a cart to a sorting house that is roughly 100 yards away.

Near that is also the Mizpah mine, which has been around longer than the hotel that it shares a name with.

“It started in 1902 and was still going up until the 1970s,” Bombard said. “Howard Hughes was working out of it. It’s had quite a history. We have put a grate over it so you can see down inside the mine, it’s quite impressive actually.”

When you visit, You can either walk, or ride on the Polaris tour.

The park is open 7 days a week from 9 am – 5pm. If you are heading south on us 95, just turn left at the road next to the Mizpah to head up the hill to the visitors center.