Sheriff's K9 Unit sells calendars to fund dog gear

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) There's a first time for everything, and Wedenesday was the day Washoe County Sheriff's Deputy Ned Nemuth and his dog Titus hoisted from a helicopter.

“I was definitely more worried for him because he was more nervous. Just everything they taught us, on the ground. The scenario we ran through back there,” says Nemuth.

But there's a difference between practice on the ground, and then in the air. The two came through with flying colors.

Asked if he would give himself and Titus a grade? “I would say an “A” because it worked out, says Nemuth.

The Washoe County K9 unit practices for this kind of deployment because you never know when they will be called on to do the real thing. Hoisting is used to get to areas that are otherwise inaccessible, but where there could be a lost child, a drug growing operation, or a stranded hiker.

For other handlers, this exercise has been done before for training and the real thing. Those trainers say their dogs are used to it--that if they are calm, their dogs will be too.

There are pictures taken inside the helicopter. You'll notice the dogs have about as much gear as their handlers do. It is gear not budgeted, for but no less important.

That's what the pictures and others taken from the ground are for--to raise money by placing them in an annual calendar. Those calendars run $20 apiece. All funds go to buy vests, goggles and other items needed for the canines to do the job.

The calendar will be revealed October 13, 2018 with autographs and paw prints upon request. From 10AM to 2PM, the dogs and their handlers will be at Consign Furniture to meet the public, talk about their job, and sell calendars. Last year they ran out of stock.

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