Sen. Kamala Harris makes campaign stop in Northern Nevada

Published: Apr. 2, 2019 at 9:25 PM PDT
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US Senator and Presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D-CA) met with teachers in Carson City Tuesday to discuss her proposed education plan that includes a $15,000 raise for teachers.

"So what I am proposing is that the federal government, under my leadership, make a substantial investment in our teachers and by extension our children and by extension our future," Harris says.

Her campaign estimates that the cost of these teacher raises will be about $315 billion over ten years. Harris urged teachers and other educators to look at the proposal not as a cost but as an investment.

"We should see it as an investment and then the question presented will not be how much does it cost, but what everybody in the private sector would ask, and it's captured by three letters, ROI. What is the return on investment, that's how we should be seeing this issue," Harris says.

Natha Anderson is the president of the Washoe Education Association and says she is in agreement with Harris on the proposed raise.

"If we say that students are important and our schools are important and it's not just some song that Whitney Houston sings but actually a reality, then that's when we start seeing more money going into education and not tax breaks," Anderson says.

According to Harris's

, the cost would be covered by strengthening the estate tax and by closing tax loopholes for the wealthy.