Sculpture Fest underway in downtown Reno

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RENO, Nev. - (KOLO) More than 30 sculptures are on display near the downtown Arch. This is the second year Reno Sculpture Fest is offering the public a chance to see some of these large-scale pieces.

Under the arch is "Octavius," an octopus also known as Phil.

"He's 23,000 thousand pounds of concrete with 250,000 hand made mosaic tiles," said artist Peter Hazel. "The legs are solid concrete, they weigh 2,000 pounds each."

This summer he'll be heading to the playa.
But this weekend, he's on display under the Arch. It's a project five months in the making.

"We haven't seen it completely put together, my shops not big enough," Hazel said. "So its first time we get to see the piece together."

Just down the street is "Individuality", a joint project combining metal work and mosaic.

"It's great Reno is organizing this for the artists, we're really happy to participate," artist Daniela Garofalo said.

"The feedback is great because we have a lot off different shapes here so it's great to see everyone's opinion on what it looks like," artist Anton Standteiner said.

Organizer Aric Shapiro says this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

"We've brought these artists togerther to take this stuff out of their workshops, off the playa, so the folks who might not go to Burning Man, or the art museum, we want to make this accessible to everyone," he said.

It's a celebration of the local art culture.

"We want to build community and show what happens when people work together." Shapiro said. "We want people to know that this stuff is seen around the world and it was made here."

It's an affirmation for a lot of these artists.

"The payoff is going to be tomorrow," Hazel said. "It really helps us because we all work our butts off and to come out here and get recognized is wonderful."

Sculpture Fest runs through Sunday. There are dozens of bands, vendors, food trucks and art activities running all weekend long.