School board: More study on proposed rules for club sports, activities

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Following a long hearing that saw parents, coaches and students object to a proposed policy on non-sanctioned club sports and activities, the Washoe County School Board voted late Tuesday afternoon to send that policy back to a committee for more work.

The intent was to set a uniform policy across the district, but it ran into objections over its prohibition of awards and letters for non-sanctioned sports--specifically lacrosse.

There are currently 11 boys' and 9 girls' lacrosse teams at local high schools. None is officially recognized, and though athletes at one school may receive a varsity letter, players at others do not. The new policy was intended to correct that inequity, but in doing so, it was perceived as denying student athletes recognition from the schools they say they represent.

Board members indicated support for some solution which would allow students in the non-sanctioned sports to be recognized and a pilot program which could eventually lead to sanctioning lacrosse.