School and local police asking community for help to reduce pedestrian accidents

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- Since announcing more than 20 children have been hit by a car since the school year started, Washoe County School Police are asking for the community’s help to drive carefully around school zones.

Officer MJ Cloud says before the 2019-2020 school year, they have never had more than seven accidents per year involving students.

She says drivers need to be extra careful around pedestrian crossings and make sure their eyes are on the road at all times. She says that message also goes for pedestrians, to always make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street and always use a crosswalk.

She also said since weather conditions change, it's up to the drivers to know the road conditions and to go at a certain speed, even if it means going much slower than the speed limit.

"We can't just blame it on the growth in the area,” said Officer Cloud. “We had data analysts look at where the crashes are, what time of day, whether it's a bicyclist or a pedestrian, whether it's parents dropping their students off or a commuter driving through the school zone area. It's all over the map and we haven't been able to identify a pattern to apply certain solutions to."

The Reno Police Department says in the first nine days of the New Year, two pedestrians have been killed on Reno roads. See the previous year’s stats from Reno PD below:

  • 2019: 10

  • 2018: 9

  • 2017: 10

  • 2018: 12

Reno Police tell KOLO 8 News Now they are dedicating more officers to pedestrian safety. But they made the same point as the district police, they can’t be everywhere. The community’s support will go a long way.

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