Scammer targeting Carson City businesses asking for sponsorships

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - The Carson City School District is warning local businesses about a scam in which the caller asks for sponsorships for materials to benefit Carson High School.

According to Dan Davis with the school district, the company is called "All About Sports" and is based in Virginia.

Davis says the company asks businesses to send checks or credit card payments to an address in Midlothian, Virginia.

One business in Carson City received a call, in which the scammer claimed they were working with Carson High School's varsity football team to sell posters. After further correspondence with the Carson High School Athletic Director’s office, it was determined that this claim was false and likely a scam.

“It is sad that there are scammers falsely representing our schools in misleading the good will and generosity of our business community,” said Marc Rodina, vice principal at Carson High School. “We have made a concerted effort to establish strong relationships with numerous businesses across northern Nevada, and it hurts deeply when our partners are targets of fraudulent activity.”

The Carson City School District suggests confirming the legitimacy of a third-party-vendor through the individual school sites. Individuals or business interested in supporting sports teams at Carson High School should contact the Athletic Director’s Office at 775-283-1900.

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