Sample ballot lists all early voting sites, save one

Published: Oct. 19, 2018 at 6:43 PM PDT
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There was something missing on the sample ballot Washoe County voters received recently.

Anyone looking for an early voting location in Sun Valley came up empty and possibly, like Sun Valley General Improvement District Trustee Susan Severt, they were left more than a little concerned.

"You know everybody got one of those paper ballots and there's nothing in there that says you can (early) vote in Sun Valley this year."

Longtime Sun Valley residents like Severt will tell you there's a long history out here of feeling ignored by the rest of the county. This seemed just one more slight.

"I've been in the Valley for a long time and things have gotten better, but sometimes things like this, they're just concerning."

Actually there is an explanation.

Early voting during the primary was held at a storefront in the Sun Valley shopping center, but concerns with vandalism and security convinced Voter Registrar Deanna Spikula to look elsewhere.

"We were working very hard to find a location out in Sun Valley; It just took a lot longer than we thought.:"

That search was still underway when the printer's deadline passed.

If you look

you'll find the solution--a room at the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center, where poll workers were setting up the day before early voting was to begin.

Even this locale is not ideal. The neighborhood center has other uses for this room, including seniors' bingo. There will be no early voting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

But the biggest concern is the confusion.

"We've got to work really hard to get the word out," says Severt. "There's a lot of people who won't travel outside Sun Valley. There are some who can't travel outside Sun Valley."

Spikula says the county is doing what it can to let Sun Valley voters know about the location change.

"It's on our website. The general improvement district has s notice out in their news letter. They have it on their marquee. And also we sent out a mailer to all the residents in the 89433 zip code area."

Severt is unimpressed.

"You know everybody's getting mailers now. I get 10-15 a day. Do I look at them all?"

The hope is no one will miss those messages and by the next election season a new permanent location for early voting--possibly the Neighborhood Center--will be locked in and fully noticed.

In the meantime--early voting will be starting Saturday at the Neighborhood Center at 115 West Sixth Avenue, excepting Tuesdays and Thursdays, when bingo pushes it aside.