Safety protocols at Reno Air Races

STEAD, Nev. (KOLO) When the planes fly that tightly at the air races, there is always the potential for accidents and safety has to be priority.

The FAA is currently investigating a minor incident involving the Kraken and the Last Lap Play after the two planes were involved in a mid air incident.

We spoke to Emergency Services Director Tim Spencer about the incident.

"Minor damage to the aircraft. Both pilots landed safely, crews responded quickly and its currently under investigation," said Spencer. "We don't have time to worry, we just responded and fortunately we had a quick response and like I said minor damage, both aircraft landed safely. We do safety briefings constantly and adjust our procedures accordingly, so that it'll all be reviewed."

Spencer said his team, firefighters and EMT's on staff are always prepared to handle any situation and a fast response time can make all the difference.

"Our firefighters out here as well as our ambulance crews, they're in their vehicles, engines running, protective clothing already on," added Spencer. "To make it even faster, we strageically place the units on the air field and I tell the pilots, anywhere you land on this air field, we'll be to your aircraft in less than a minute."

When it comes to overall safety director of safety Bo Masuyama said fan safety is always their main concern.

"The actual serving of the race course takes in altitude and air speed and we take in parameters of where the airplanes could end up should something bad happen and then we react off that by putting in the proper barriers, the right spacing and the right speed maxes."

Masuyama said protocols are constantly changing to ensure better safety procedures. Their goal is to have fun all while reinforcing security.

"Everyday we debrief extensively on everything that happens throughout the day, if it can be fixed overnight we do, we put small fixes in our presidents meeting every spring and we make long term fixes to make good changes."

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