Road conditions causing havoc for truck drivers

RENO, Nev (KOLO) -- While some people in the valley look forward to snow, truck drivers who have to go over Donner Summit don't. Traveling on Interstate 80 this week for them has been a headache.

Jordan Basco has been a truck driver for the past eight years. Allocating his time to other things is not an ideal situation.

"It does get frustrating," said Basco.

This week, Basco and many other truck drivers are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Instead of making deliveries from Reno to Oakland, he makes sure his equipment is ready for when the roads are open.

"All we can do is let our dispatchers know what is going on and we plan accordingly," said Basco.

Many trucking companies around the region are losing business this week. The California Trucking Association reports $4.7 million of commerce moves through I-80 every hour.

Nev-Cal trucking sends 65 trucks every day to the Bay Area, but this week that number has taken a hit.

"For us it has been pretty much all week. We have some guys on Sunday that went on their own while the weather was good. They have been able to run a little bit, but most of our fleets have been effected because of the closure of 80," said Brad Meyer, Nev-Cal Trucking Operations Manager.

He says it's not just the companies losing money, the drivers as well.

"Because our drivers have hours of service, so once they start their clocks, they only have a certain amount of time to get it all in. if they shut the hill down for an hour or two hours, that's drive time that is lost by the driver," said Meyer.

He says Nev-Cal trucking brings in 300 loads per week to northern Nevada and if the weather backs off Thursday and Friday, then they might be able to get 200 loads.